Intensive Family Service (IFS)

Intensive Family Service (IFS)

What is IFS?

 IFS is a brief (8-12 weeks), intensive (8 hours per week), in-home intervention for families living in London and Middlesex County.  IFS counsellors work with the family within their home, community and child's school.

The program provides:

  • parent skill-building
  • family counselling
  • individual child/youth counselling
  • facilitate access to child/youth skill building groups and parenting groups
  • safety planning

Who is Eligible?

Available for families with children up to 14 years who live in London and Middlesex County who experience any of the following:

  • serious parent/child conflict
  • significant poor parenting skills

** This service is also available for children living in London and Middlesex who have been recommended for residential treatment through CSCN, either as an option to keep a child out of residential care or to support a family following residential treatment.**

Who We Are

The IFS counsellors are experienced Child & Youth Counsellors and are assigned to the Early Years Team, the Community Mental Health Team in London and Middlesex, and the Residential Teams.

There is no cost.

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