Middlesex County Services

Middlesex County Services

The following services are offered to families in Middlesex County with children aged 0-14 experiencing social, emotional and behaviour challenges.

Family Therapy

  • Family therapy services utilize brief family therapy models that build on the belief that families have the strength to solve their own problems and that the working relationship between the family and the therapist is equal and enabling.
  • Family Therapy is offered either by a Child and Family Therapist or an intern who is part of the "Focused Family Therapy Training Program".
  • Vanier offers 2 types of family therapy services:
    • Family Therapy (1-3 sessions)
    • Families receive 1-3 sessions shortly after completing an intake assessment.
    • At the completion of this service, the family and the therapist identify if further services would be beneficial.
    • Family Therapy (up to 12 sessions)
    • After an intake assessment is completed, families may be placed on the waiting list for this service.
  • Family Therapy services are held in office space in Strathroy at the Next Wave Centre, Early Years Centre and the Search Community Mental Health Centre; in Parkhill at the Multiservice Centre; in Glencoe at the Quest Centre; and Lucan at the Ausable Centre.

Intensive Family Service (IFS)

  • Brief (up to 3 months), intensive, in-home intervention for familes.
  • The program provides a wide range of goal-directed, intensive treatment options to meet the needs of famiies, including; 
    • Individual parent skill-building
    • Facilitate access to child/youth skills building groups and parenting groups
    • Crisis management and safety planning
    • Accessing informal support in the community to support the family

Group Services

Positive Parenting groups offer parents an opportunity to learn strategies that work while parenting their child in a positive manner that builds self-esteem.  Groups are periodically offered in Strathroy at the Search Community Mental Health Centre.

To Refer:

Contact the C-IT (Crisis-Intake Team) at 519.433.0334.  Services d'accueil aussi disponible en francais: 519.433.3101, poste #228.   C.I.T. offers 24/7 support to families, information, crisis counselling, waiting-list support and includes referrals to Vanier for children 0 - 14, and to Craigwood Youth Services and WAYS Mental Health Support for teenagers.