PhotoVoice Project

PhotoVoice Project

PhotoVoice was developed by Caroline Wang and Mary Ann Burris in 1992 when they gave cameras to a group of rural village women in Yunnan Province in China, who documented their lives and environment for an entire year.  At the end of the project, the group hosted an exhibition of their photographs, and used it to raise the consciousness of the general public and of policy makers about their needs.  Vanier Children's Services is developing a PhotoVoice project of our own with the objective of helping our most vulnerable children in learning how to express themselves through photography and words.  The beauty of PhotoVoice is to give the children we serve a way to tell a story, to capture moments and their own personal interest so they can express their own vision of what it means to struggle with mental health needs.

Vanier has received a donation of seven used and refurbished cameras from Henry's Camera Store as well as a photography lesson for our children.  We are so thankful of Henry's contribution to helping us begin this project.  The cameras have already been put to good use; however, as cameras break and the number of children who would like to participate in the project increases, we need your help to make this project a success.  We have all heard the saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words".  With your donation, we would like the opportunity to inspire the children we serve with a positive and enriching experience by learning to look at the world around them through photography.  To put it simply, our goal is to give each child that resides or attends services at Vanier, the opportunity to capture photographs that speak to their most inner voice, to give meaning to what cannot be easily expressed by words, and to positively affect change in their community by bringing a voice to children's mental health.

With your donation to this project, we will purchase new and more durable point and shoot cameras, a printer and photo paper.  Your donations will also assist Vanier to organize a photography exhibition of the children's work in the coming year.  Thank you for considering to give a donation to PhotoVoice.

Thank you,
Leo Desjardins, M.A.

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