Welcome to the School-Community Intervention Partnership (SCIP)

SCIP as a program within Vanier is an integrated community partnership program committed to an effective early response to the mental health needs of elementary school children in London and Middlesex.

This is a free service.

How we help

• builds community capacity for the effective early intervention, assessment and coordination services for elementary school children who are having difficulties in emotional and behavioural self regulation.

• streamlines access by improving coordination and developing referral protocols with selected London elementary schools as the referral source

• connects children to medical services for the early identification and treatment for difficulty self-regulating which may include ADD/ADHD and externalizing behaviours AND/OR worry/anxiety, sadness, withdrawal - more internalizing type behaviours and emotions.

• enhances the capacity for psychiatric, pediatric and other assessments through existing services

• coordinates and provides Evidence-informed early intervention initiatives in school communities

• offers programs that build strength and resiliency within families and schools

• liaises with other services for children and families to help bridge connections

• evaluates the implementation and effectiveness of its programs to reduce externalizing/internaling type behavious in children

• Provide information and supports to further develop helpful parenting skills

Develop mutually agreed upon plans to attend and support parents/guardians during appointments/meetings

Who we are

• Merrymount Children's Centre
• Vanier Children's Services
• London District Catholic School Board
• Thames Valley District School Board
• Elgin Oxford Child and Youth Centre
• Conseil scolaire Viamonde
• Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence

Our vision is to move children who are at risk of developing serious mental health problems toward optimal functioning within their current environment.

SCIP's approaches are tailored to the family and individual child's needs and strengths, help to determine the nature of problems and co-create solutions, and provide communication and collaboration between all vested parties in an effort to reduce child behaviour difficulties, increase resiliency and self regulation and build on the child's, family's and community strengths.

Referral to existing community resources that may augment and/or better suit the child's needs may also occur.

Who is eligible?

• TVDSB, LDCSB, Providence or Viamonde elementary school children (grade 1 to 5) in selected schools in London/Middlesex County

• Children who are having difficulties with emotional and behavioural self regulation that may be interfering with their performance at home, school, and in the community

• Children who are identified and referred by their school team

• Services are currently provided in selected schools in London through the SCIP satellite office housed in Trafalgar Public School

It's important to note that SCIP is NOT

• Counselling and therapy
• A crisis service
• Intensive "in home" support/treatment
• A service that works directly with your child
• A long term service

Do you have questions?

Call.... 519-432-0881 OR email-

Click here to view our SCIP Powerpoint Presentation for School Personnel.