Parents are active partners at Vanier. You know your child's needs and strengths. We bring the team and programs.

Together, we make it better.

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Vanier is a leader in children's mental health. Our quality services target problems early, so that kids have a better chance to become healthy adults.

We help families change and grow.

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Parenting is one of the toughest jobs going. Add mental health problems and it's even tougher. Vanier helps more than 1,000 children every year overcome depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.

Confidential. No judgment. We're here for you.

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In Crisis

The Crisis Intake Team (CIT) is ready for your call.

Our Stories
Vanier is pleased to honor Richard Wood with the 2005 Roots and Wings award for having achieved a positive outcome in his life as a result of personal courage and Vanier's programs. Richard is an amazing person who exemplifies what it means to give back to the community. He and his wife Cheryl are proud parents of three children and four foster children, who have come to their family through Woodstock CAS with whom they have worked for several years. Richard credits the residential treatment program, which he received at Vanier at the early age of eleven, as helpful in establishing the structure needed to deal with his behavioural issues resulting from relationship problems at home. Over the years Rick has kept in close contact with his friends at Vanier, and we are proud of the strength and courage he has shown to overcome obstacles in his life. Coupled with his responsibilities as husband, father and foster parent, Rick owns his own vinyl sign business, while also holding down a full time manufacturing job. He is active in the employees' trade union at work and has attended many union conferences. Fostering four teenagers requires unbelievable strength, commitment and love of children. Richard and his wife deserve our admiration and THANKS FOR GIVING BACK. We are pleased and proud that Rick acknowledges the positive role in his life that Vanier played in helping him to find his own "wings".  
Bonnie's Blog
Many, many moons ago before my son was first diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, I was frequently puzzled by the bizarre and sometimes fearful way he re
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Children's Mental Health Week May 4-10 __________________ Vanier Community Arts & Crafts Show and Sale __________________ Celebrating 50 Years of Children's Mental Health Service Delivery 1965-201