Parents are active partners at Vanier. You know your child's needs and strengths. We bring the team and programs.

Together, we make it better.

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Vanier is a leader in children's mental health. Our quality services target problems early, so that kids have a better chance to become healthy adults.

We help families change and grow.

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Parenting is one of the toughest jobs going. Add mental health problems and it's even tougher. Vanier helps more than 1,000 children every year overcome depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.

Confidential. No judgment. We're here for you.

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In Crisis

The Crisis Intake Team (CIT) is ready for your call.

Our Stories
Jamie Shields was in Vanier's off-campus day treatment program when he was seven years old. He participated in assorted groups for the following two years and entered the residential treatment program when he was nine. He was the 2007 London Community Foundation's J. Allyn Taylor Award Recipient. When he received this award, this is how his achievements were described: Jamie Shields was a grade nine music strudent at Beal S.S. when he approached the staff at the Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre about becoming a volunteer with its RBC After School Program. An accomplished musician, Jamie began by instructing youth in basic chords, reading music, instrument care and maintenance, and guitar tuning. Within a short time, Jamie was creating instruction booklets for each student, teaching them how to make their own fancy guitar pick, and donating an electric guitar that he himself refurbished. He also volunteered for activities outside the music program, making himself available to assist at special events such as Royal Bank of Canada Celebration, Creative Cities Multicultural Mural Project, and the Summer Splash Program. Nominator Seanda Wilkins of the Crouch Neighbhourhood Resource Centre says, "Jamie made the decision to utilize his talents out of love for music, his desire to teach and his interest in volunteering. He takes his role as a youth leader very seriously and is very mature in his approach with the youth. His drive and initiative have proven valuable to our organization and to this community."  
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So, judging by the number of phone calls and emails I have been getting from parents since the beginning of September, a couple of things are obvious: first, s
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